How your family can explore the Musical Instrument Museum


Whether you want to spend a day with the family, do crafts with kids at home, or spend an evening with adults, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix has options. As the only global musical instrument museum in the world, MIM offers interactive and immersive exhibits to foster an appreciation of different cultures and their instruments.

“A visit to MIM is also to experience the sensory nature of music and the way it affects our emotions”, according to the museum. website. “Using state-of-the-art interactive media, guests can see the instruments, hear their sounds and watch them play in their original contexts.”

Here are some ways your family can explore the museum.

Crafts for children

In addition to in-person events, MIM offers tutorials that demonstrate how to create musical crafts.

The online manual for each trade includes a list of the necessary materials as well as step by step instructions, so that your children can create a number of instruments:

  • Cigar box guitar
  • Ugly Newfoundland Staff
  • Pellet drum
  • Peruvian pan flute
  • Rudra vīṇā
  • Sami frame drum
  • Uli’uli ‘
  • Washboard and spoons
  • West African Talking Drum
  • Gong

In addition to crafting each craft, kids can learn the history of the instrument, listen to a playlist to hear the sound of songs, and practice playing the instrument. For example, the Peruvian pan flute the instructions include instructions on how to play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

How-to videos on crafting are also available on MIM Youtube channel.

Your family can visit the museum to see the instruments your children are learning. “Today, MIM has a collection of more than 8,000 instruments from more than 200 countries around the world,” according to the MIM website. “The galleries reflect the rich diversity and history of many cultures around the world. But music and instruments also show us what we have in common: a thought powerfully expressed in our motto, music is the language of the soul.

MIMkids courses

MIM also offers on-site lessons for children from 0 to 12 years olde as part of their award-winning educational program. Through music, dance, exploring galleries and making instruments, children are introduced to the wonderful world of music.

Concert for adults

For a date or an evening with friends, MIM’s intimate concert hall brings the sounds of the galleries to life. The Fall / Winter 2021 concert series includes:

  • Jane Bunnett and Maqueque
  • Max Weinberg
  • Brandy clark
  • Mariachi Los Camperos
  • Spyro gyra
  • Pamyua
  • Motown Sound of The Miracles Holiday Concert
  • And much more!

“MIM presents a wide variety of concerts in its comfortable and acoustically superb 300-seat theater,” according to the museum website. “Over 200 artists appear each year, many of whom have rarely, if ever, been seen in Phoenix. MIM is an unprecedented place to enjoy old favorites and discover new sounds from around the world, from jazz to classical, from bluegrass to singer-songwriters.

The concerts are often sold out, so it is recommended to buy tickets early.

MIM’s early childhood education and musical theater programs are supported by a $ 100,000 sponsorship of PNC Bank.

“We all find common ground through music, and through that common ground we are stronger,” said Cathleen Walker, PNC regional president and head of business banking in Arizona, in a statement. communicated. Press release. “PNC looks forward to the opportunity to support MIM and we look forward to seeing it continue to expand its virtual learning opportunities and concert programs, while strengthening its reputation as one of the world’s most successful cultural institutions. valued by Phoenix. “

For more information on children’s programs and concerts, visit or follow MIM on social media @MIMphx.

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