Genshin Impact Floral Cither Event Reward is a musical instrument

Tuned to the World’s Sounds is a new Genshin Impact event which will reward participants with the floral zither. It is a new type of playable musical instrument. The event was announced via an official tweet, and detailed via the HoYoLab community site.

According to Genshin Impact Event details page, the floral zither will be given to players by the character Kazuha after the completion of a special commission. Participation requires an Adventurer Rank above 30 and the completion of the Archon quest in Chapter 2 “Wishes”. For seven days, players will travel to locations in Teyvat to play music tracks alongside other characters.

In fact, playing songs on the floral zither will be like a rhythm game. Players will click or press buttons to the beat of the music and prompts. A similar mini-game debuted during the Genshin Impact Windblume event. This was the Windsong Lyre gadget award.

The songs played will have difficulty ratings and player performance will be evaluated with a score. Achieving certain scores will earn various rewards. Among them will be the Floral Zither, Character Talent Level Materials, Character Experience Materials, and Primogems.

After being unlocked through the Genshin Impact event, the floral zither will be an equipable gadget. Like the Windsong Lyre, individual keys or knobs will correspond to notes. With it, players can play their own music and songs with practice.

Genshin Impact is immediately available on PS4, PS5, Android, iOS and PC devices. The Tuned to the World’s Sounds event will begin on October 15, 2021 and run until October 25, 2021.

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