From Holywell to the panto scene for the interpreter Seren

Enthusiastic young students from Ysgol Treffynnon witnessed a thrilling pantomime performance and went backstage for an exclusive one-on-one conversation with an alumnus.

The school took over 100 grade 7 students to see the rock’n’roll pantomime, The beauty and the Beast, at Theatr Clwyd and for many it was their very first pantomime experience.

After the performance, an added treat for some students was the opportunity to meet former student Seren Sandham-Davies, who plays Stacey and Shewolf in the show.

Seren spoke to students individually about her theatrical career and signed off on their school planners.

Catrin Jones, a music and drama teacher, worked with the students this term on the theme of pantomime.

She taught all of the key dramatic techniques involved in this form of theater, allowing students to explore these techniques during class.

Seren Sandham-Davies in Beauty and the Beast at the Clwyd Theater. Photo: Kirsten McTernana

She said: “Due to the pandemic, most children have missed opportunities to perform, to go to the theater or to see the true value of performance in general.

“Therefore, I wanted to remind them of how important performance is and the opportunities that theater and music can bring them throughout their lives.

“We learned everything about pantomime in class, so I wanted the students to see for themselves these different techniques put into practice in a pantomime performance.

“Some students who are currently attending dance and performance schools wanted to talk to Seren about it.

“She was awesome, so sweet and happy to talk to all the students and to remember with two of our teachers the time they all performed together in a school production.

“The pantomime trip was a huge success on all levels. The 7 years have been amazing and made us all very proud to be at Ysgol Treffynnon.

“Going forward, I will continually encourage all students to find their inner performer and build their confidence to perform in front of an audience.

“There is immense talent in Ysgol Treffynnon, and I am very happy to put them all on stage for everyone to see! ”

The next task for the students is to write an evaluation of a live pantomime performance, using their experience of seeing The beauty and the Beast analyze every detail and understand the motivation.

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