Edinburgh artist who worked with Rod Stewart is launching new music club in town



A cellist from Edinburgh is launching a community project today, using music to help promote health and well-being.

The revolutionary Stockbridge ‘Music Center’ will be led by professional cellist Clea Friend and will encourage interaction and friendship between people of all ages by providing opportunities to create, listen to and discuss music in an environment fun and safe.

Friend, a single mother of her eighteen year old daughter, has performed all over the world and has collaborated with famous artists such as Rod Stewart and Andrea Bocelli, has also been a community practitioner working with people with special needs for 20 years.

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In addition to performing with these elite artists, Friend has also been a member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

She also works as an audio description in theaters, helping partially deaf people understand the show in more detail.

Outside of music, Clea is also trained as a counselor and is a certified yoga teacher. As the talent comes, there’s not much she can’t do.

The plan is to organize concerts and a “culture club” in the Saxe Coburg Street building in Stockbridge, with screenings of plays and opera followed by a discussion.

Friend will work closely with local schools and nursing homes as part of his role and perform regularly with Artisan, a professional classical music ensemble based in Edinburgh.

Speaking about this new project, Miss Friend said, “I am delighted to lead the Music Hub which seeks to promote health and wellness, communication, inclusion and inclusion through the creation and listening of music.

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“As a professional cellist and trained community music practitioner, I have a fusion of skills that feed off of each other and understand how music affects the brain and body and how it can be used to improve lives. people”.

Clea also studied at the University of Edinburgh and is a more than popular figure in the city among classical music lovers.

The Reverend John Cowie, Minister of Stockbridge Church, said members are “thrilled” at the prospect of this new “music hub” which also has an online presence:

“Clea brings great musical skills, local and international experience and a commitment to bringing people together safely through music, which is important as we come out of lockdown isolation.

“Stockbridge is considered a wealthy community, but there are a lot of people who suffer from loneliness and there are families who are not well off and we want to support them.”

Before the pandemic, Dr Cowie, who plays bassoon in a community orchestra, said the building was regularly used for concerts by artists like St Mary’s Music School and the Napier University Orchestra.


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