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Through Amanda Maliba / Independent Sunday November 12, 2018

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Have your own plan, focus on your own journey, and be patient with yourself. It’s the soundtrack of DJ Zinhle in building her brand as a musician, writer and mentor.

The famous DJ is set to receive the SA Style Awards gong for the most stylish artist in music at a ceremony to be held at the Diamond Walk in Sandton City on November 18.

Zinhle credits her 14-year career to a combination of hard work and taking charge of herself.

“I have grown a lot in terms of music, business and as a DJ. This is the 14th year of my career and I am very confident about our position as a DJ Zinhle brand.

“We have amazing people behind the brand who work every day to try to stay one step ahead,” says the author of Meeting Your Power – Returning Home To Yourself.

Zinhle takes pride in her accomplishments as she reflects on her journey to the top in the male-dominated industry. “Back then, building a career was a combination of things. First of all, it was really a shock to a lot of people to see a female DJ. But to my advantage, a lot of people were also excited. There were also places you went and you felt like you were definitely out of place, ”Zinhle explains, adding that male DJs like Black Coffee and Oskido helped her along the way.

She said she always remembered that she wasn’t in the industry to emulate male DJs and that patience was essential in building her brand.

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“We are unfortunately conditioned to have relationships with other people, to watch other people and to check what they are doing. But a relationship with myself is something that I have always taken seriously. I remember there was a time when I was opposed to DJ Cndo, but I never would have allowed that to happen because I didn’t know what her path was or what she was planning. But I knew what I wanted to accomplish.

Amanda Maliba

Independent Sunday


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