Congress manifesto promises 20 lakh jobs and loans for UP youth

New Delhi, January 21

Congress released a manifesto for the youth of Uttar Pradesh on Friday and said communal and caste politics have only benefited a group of state leaders. The party proposed to create a new political culture in the state focusing on livelihood issues. The manifesto promises include the creation of about two million jobs and efforts to promote industries and agriculture in the state. While releasing the manifesto, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that around 16 lakh youths have lost their jobs in Uttar Pradesh over the past five years. He said the BJP promised to create two million jobs in a year, but instead handed over all the country’s wealth to a few businessmen. “This election is an election to secure the future of youth,” he said.

AICC Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said the manifesto reflected the aspirations of seven million young people in the state. She said none of the exams for government jobs were held in a regular and transparent manner. Education, too, according to her, is in a very pathetic state.

“A new vision is needed”

Rahul Gandhi said Congress is convinced that India needs a new vision. “The vision proposed by the BJP in 2014 has completely failed and is turning our demographic dividend into a demographic disaster. So India needs a new vision moving forward and that is something most young people would agree with. Even the BJP people, if you ask them, will also say that something has gone very wrong. The vision that was committed failed,” he said. He said that the young people of UP understand very well that the last 20-25 years have really brought them nothing. “The UP used to lead the country on jobs, in fact the UP was the center of resistance to the British. UP was behind the constitution, where these very ambitious ideas came from, and so this is a step towards providing a vision for the country. And we understand that has to start in UP,” he added. Priyanka Gandhi did not rule out the possibility of post-election rapprochements and said that if such circumstances arise, Congress would be ready to consider it. Responding to a question, she agreed she was the face of the Congress campaign but declined to reveal whether she was the party’s chief ministerial candidate.

Promise of enhanced support

The manifesto also offers interest-free loans of up to ₹5 lakh to young entrepreneurs. He says the “One Product, One District” policy will be relaxed to provide support to different clusters within the same district. “All industries that have more than 100 units will be declared a cluster. Uttar Pradesh industries will be revived by promoting traditional clusters and creating new ones. Each cluster will receive credit, marketing, skills and technology and will receive targeted infrastructural support, such as improved electricity and water supply, and sewage to attract more private investment,” says the manifest.

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January 21, 2022

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