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Mormon churches dot the landscape of Metro Phoenix, and you can enter and attend services whenever the doors are open. The temples are a little different: there are only three in the valley (Mesa, Gilbert, and Phoenix), and you can only enter if you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a temple recommend. The exception occurs when a temple has yet to be dedicated, or in the case of the Mesa Arizona Temple, rededicated, which is why thousands of non-Mormons have had the rare opportunity to tour the building at the end of last year. The temple, which was completed in 1927, had been closed for renovations since 2018, and before it was rededicated in December 2021, we got to peek inside the place of worship. Modest dress was encouraged for the free tour, and all attendees were required to put disposable slippers over their shoes so as not to soil the immaculate carpets. We walked past the baptismal font, through changing rooms and into rooms dedicated to worship and wedding ceremonies. The smiling volunteers welcomed us, but didn’t try to convert us, and after the tour, we took a few minutes to stroll through the temple’s beautiful public grounds. Given that the last time the temple was open to the public was in 1975, we feel lucky to have been there last year to take a look inside one of the long standing monuments. Phoenix Metro date.

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