A top Super Bowl entertainer has become a suspect in the theft of $500,000 from Tom Brady’s jersey; NFL GOAT shares his thoughts on Instagram

Super Bowl LI has become inevitably memorable for the New England Patriots. Whether it’s the iconic commercials, the halftime performance or the Pats victory. It became a biting scenario. However, Tom Brady lost his match-worn jersey worth half a million dollars. He did not keep silent and warned various entities. Tom also had a prominent musical artist as a suspect.

The Falcons put the Patriots defense on notice after scoring their fourth touchdown in the third quarter. Atlanta had the points advantage and could win the game in a blitz. The Patriots then mount a touchdown drive and Tom Brady takes control. He kept New England’s hopes alive, culminating in a marvelous triumph.


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Tom Brady had Lady Gaga on notice

Amid the victory festivities, instant notice came about TB12’s clothing theft. The jersey was influential, as it was of paramount importance. By wearing it, patriots won the Super Bowl, beating the former best for a QB with the most championship wins. The crook lifted the object from the locker room, following the victory. According Daily Elitethe jersey is worth $500,000.


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For Tom Brady, losing a valuable item did not go well. In February 2017, he ascended his mental palace and tuned his inner Sherlock to find the missing memories. He drew up a table of suspects with photos of the entities likely to carry out the theft. Interestingly, the list also included Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga was present at the NRG stadium for his half-time performance. At one point, viewers thought she had just jumped off the top of the stadium. She also sang a few songs from her album, Joanne. The escape ropes used in her performance are likely the reason TB12 put her on the list.

Which entities were the suspects of the stolen shirt?


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Apart from Lady Gaga, Tom Brady had more entities on his list as those who could steal valuable possession. The QB posted a photo of his “suspicious painting” on Instagram. It turned out to be a humorous masterpiece that lists an array of names, some of which may be recognized by readers.


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The great white shark of “Jaws”, Michael Scott (Prison Mike) of “The Office” and number one defendant Julian Edelman are suspects. Additionally, he also names Gollum, his “scary” version of himself, Jaws, his dog Scooby, Dora the Explorer’s Swiper, and more among the crooks.

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