How well to complete a loan application?

When applying for an online loan, you will be asked to complete an application in which you must provide personal data and information related to your current life, professional and financial situation. It seems like a simple activity, but many customers make mistakes from the very beginning that do not pass the initial verification. Check how to properly complete the loan application.

Incorrect data, ignoring messages and messages from the lender often means that the loan will not be granted. What should i do? Check how to properly complete the loan application.

What data will you need?

Before you start filling out a loan application, prepare the documents you will need. Most loan companies require data from an ID card (PESEL, expiry date, series and document number), bank account number, information about the amount of remuneration and the period and form of employment in the current company. Make sure you are able to fill in the above data correctly.

Do not risk - choose consciously

Conscious choice of a lender is one of the most important aspects that should be considered before completing the application. Before you take out a loan in a given company, check the information about it on the KNF's list of warnings, in the Register of Loan Companies or the Register of Loan Institutions. Also read the opinions about her on the internet. Choose from trusted lenders who have already benefited from other consumers.

Focus all your attention on completing the application

Filling out a loan application is the same as filling out important documents. Take a few minutes just to complete it. Focus all your attention on it. Read the questions carefully and be sure to give the correct answers.
If you are unsure, please check your details in the documents.

Don't color reality

When applying for a loan, do not color reality and do not lie. Answer the questions truthfully. Do not overstate your salary or understate your total expenses. Complete the application accurately.

Read the loan agreement

Before you take out a loan, read the contract - it is very important. Pay attention to things like:

  • installments,
  • repayment dates,
  • interest,
  • credit or loan insurance,
  • account number to which you should make payments,
  • contact number for the lender.

Read the contract carefully - you need to be absolutely sure that you can afford this loan and that there are no "hidden costs" in it. Remember if you have any questions - contact the lender and ask about the issues bothering you. Be absolutely sure of your choice. And if for some reason you decide to withdraw from the loan, remember that you have the right to withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 days of signing it!

When filling out a loan application , always make sure that you have not made any mistakes in it. Remember to read the questions and contract carefully. Be sure of your choices. When in doubt, always ask.

1500 $
min. $ 100 max. $ 25,000
24 months
min. 3 months max. 60 months

Installment from: $ 100 *

APRC from 0.00 % *