Loan terms

The website helps customers find the best loan offers available. The entire loan application process via takes place online. So you don't have to leave your home to get additional funds - you can arrange everything from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is internet access - that's what you need to start filling out the application.

The basic parameters of the loans are the amount, repayment period and APR.

Amount - The amount of money you want to borrow. The final amount to be repaid depends on the lender. Please read it before signing the contract.

Repayment period - time for which you want to borrow the selected amount. It will affect the final interest you will pay the lender. Before signing the contract, be sure to read the lender's table of fees and commissions.

APRC - The indicated APRC is an example and may differ depending on the contract signed by you with the lender. The lowest possible APRC for new clients can be 0%, but it varies depending on the lender and your client status. Before signing the contract, read the representative example and the lender's table of fees and commissions and make sure that the value proposed by the lender suits you.

Representative example:
Total loan amount $ 800.00, contract duration 30 days, annual nominal interest rate of 10%, commission $ 217.42, total amount
interest: $ 6.58, Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) 1915.52%, total amount to be repaid by the Borrower: $ 1024, total cost of the loan $ 224.

The exact cost of the loan depends on the individual application.
You will receive full information about the APRC amount and all additional fees from the lender before concluding the loan agreement. Pay attention to it!

What conditions must be met to receive a loan via

Applying for a loan involves meeting several requirements. You will receive funding if:

  • you are a person over 21,
  • you receive a steady income,
  • you live permanently in Poland,
  • you have an active phone number and e-mail address,
  • you have a valid ID card,
  • you have an active bank account,
  • you have creditworthiness,
  • you are not listed in the debtors' registers: BIG InfoMonitor, ERIF or KRD

What is the process of granting a loan via

First , complete the loan application correctly. Select the loan amount and the repayment period on the sliders, and then complete your personal data.

Secondly , wait for information about the status of your application - it will only take a moment, and you will receive information about whether the application has been approved and who is your lender.

Loan companies assess your creditworthiness. The information you provide in the application is taken into account.

Some loan companies also check factors such as:

  • the amount of your monthly income,
  • the number and amount of current financial liabilities,
  • repayment of previous loans (if such a situation took place),
    no entry in the debtors register.

Third , confirm your details by bank transfer. This option will be available if your application has been approved.

Fourth, an advisor from the loan company will contact you to verify your identity.

Fifth, you will receive a final loan decision! The loan agreement and the preliminary repayment schedule will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the application.

Sixth, the money will be sent to you. They will be in your personal account, the number of which you provided in the application.

1500 $
min. $ 100 max. $ 25,000
24 months
min. 3 months max. 60 months

Installment from: $ 100 *

APRC from 0.00 % *