A loan for people working abroad - is it possible?

Sudden expense caused you urgently need cash? Are you earning abroad and wondering if you can apply for a loan in Poland? There are certainly many Poles in a situation like yours. Where and on what conditions can you apply for a loan or a loan earning in a foreign currency? We check the details!

A loan for people working abroad

Poles usually want to earn some extra money when they go abroad. They do not plan to stay in a foreign country for longer. Such a stay is connected with a period of several months during which they want to get some extra cash. Can they apply for an online loan in Poland while earning money abroad? Of course it is possible. Check how and where to get such a loan.

Where to look for a loan while earning money abroad?

Are you wondering who will grant you the loan if you work abroad? Below are some tips for finding extra cash.

  • Take care of a American account and American telephone number - when going abroad, make sure to maintain a American bank account and American telephone number. Thanks to this, you will increase your chance of getting a loan.

  • Focus on online loans - even if you prefer face-to-face contact and prefer to go to a financial advisor or credit bureau, you should start looking for a 100% online loan process. Thanks to this, you will be able to get a loan faster. Currently, virtually all lenders offer online application.

  • Look for companies that do not check the source of income - there are many ways to verify your creditworthiness and solvency. More and more companies use them in return for giving a source of income. Look for companies that will verify you by transferring one penny ( verification transfer ), Kontomatik or Instantor, and not through an employment contract. You can also consider a loan with a guarantor if you have a trusted person willing to help.

  • Browse loan rankings and financial comparison websites - this will make it easier for you to compare selected offers. You will avoid time-consuming writing down conditions, counting and calculation. Thanks to online loan rankings and financial comparison websites, you will find everything in one place!

A loan for people working abroad - is it difficult to obtain?

As scary as it may sound, getting a loan doesn't have to be that hard. Just follow a few simple steps and the money can be in your account in just a few moments!

Do you need a loan already? Fill out the application on Grant and check which lenders will support you!

1500 $
min. $ 100 max. $ 25,000
24 months
min. 3 months max. 60 months

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