Can you take out a loan without an ID card (for a passport or driving license)?

Are you wondering if you can apply for a loan without an ID card? Will the loan company accept driving license or passport data? Check the details!

Do you need extra cash? Fast online payday loans are the most common choice of Poles - thanks to them, they are able to gain the money they need in even 10 minutes! Many of these offers are distinguished by a minimum of formalities ... What to do when you want to take out a loan, but you do not have your ID card at hand or it has expired? Can you take a payday loan for a driving license or passport? We check!

Can I take a payday loan for a passport or driving license?

Are you wondering if you can take out a loan for an identity document other than an ID card? Currently, lenders on the market are competing in offering their clients better and better loan conditions. No wonder, because one of the assumptions of an online payday loan is the minimum of formalities. Is it possible to apply for a loan online without having an ID card? Do loan companies accept other identity documents such as a passport or driving license?

While many people say it is possible, the situation is very different. The document confirming our identity in Poland is an ID card, therefore it is necessary in the process of applying for a loan or a loan. Without the data from the proof, we will not be able to complete the loan application, and thus we will not get it!

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A loan without an ID card - is it possible?

It is possible, but only on one condition, if you know the data from the ID card by heart, you can apply for a loan. If you do not know your basic data, you will not be able to complete the loan form correctly. Remember, it's always better to have your ID card with you to make sure you're entering the details correctly.

What data is required in the loan application process?

Have you decided to apply for a payday loan? Before you do this, it is worth finding out what data will be required from you when completing the loan application:

  • basic personal data, such as: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address,
  • basic data from the ID: PESEL, series and number of the ID card, date of issue, validity date of the ID card, authority issuing the ID document,
  • address and correspondence data: street of residence, house / flat number, city, postal code,
  • data on earnings: type of contract, amount of monthly salary, name of the employer,
  • housing data: housing status, number of dependents,
  • personal account number, bank name,
  • purpose of the loan.

Remember that depending on the company where you apply for the loan, this data may differ slightly. Some lenders will require more detailed information, others only basic information. To fill in the loan application correctly, write down the data from your ID card. Also, make sure you entered them correctly several times.

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