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Claude Lombard, the singer who represented Belgium at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest, has died at the age of 76. The news was announced Monday on its official Facebook page. No cause of death was given.

Born February 25, 1945 in Etterbeek, Belgium, Lombard performed the haunting love ballad “Quand tu reviendras” in the 1968 competition. She played 3rd and finished 7th on the night. The news of his death comes just days after that contest’s #EurovisionAgain stream.

Eurovision was in Lombard’s blood. His mother, composer and cabaret artist Claude Alix, and his father, jazz musician David Bee, wrote the music and lyrics for one of the first Eurovision entries in Belgium. Performed by Mony Marc, ‘The most beautiful day of my life’ is one of the two songs that represented Belgium in the very first competition in 1956.

After Eurovision

After Eurovision, Lombard had a long and varied career. She hosted and wrote songs for a children’s show in Belgium. In 1969, she recorded and released the psychedelic song album, Sung. The entire album was uploaded to YouTube and is well worth listening to! It can be found here. After moving to France, Lombard released a self-titled second album in 1978.

She also composed a musical play that year called Careful fragile for renowned French actors Anny Duperey and Bernard Giraudeau. No video footage from this musical exists, but you can watch snippets of the rehearsals and hear some of Lombard’s playful pop compositions in this archived report:

Lombard eventually made the transition to a career in children’s music and animation dubbing. She has participated in dozens of shows, including the French dubbing of Fragile rock, and she provided the singing voice of Miss Piggy for the French dub of Muppet Babies. Throughout the 80s, she also sang the theme song for a long list of cartoons. If you grew up in a French-speaking country in the 1980s, chances are you’ve heard him sing the theme of Rainbow Brite Where Snorks. The Rainbow Brite the theme, in particular, really slaps.

In the 1990s, Lombard began to take a more active role in the French dubbing industry. She has overseen the musical dubbing of several notable animated films, including The beauty and the Beast, The prince of Egypt, Frozen, and Tangled.

She continued to work in dubbing into the 21st century. Speaking French Buffy the vampire slayer fans may recognize her as Tara’s singing voice in this show’s musical episode.

Lombard also created a children’s choir known as “Les Chatons” (“The Kittens”) and conducted it for many years, producing several albums. In 2019, she re-recorded some of her most memorable children’s TV theme compositions and released them on a compilation album.

Make #YOU do you have an affection for any of Claude’s non-Eurovision music? Made #YOU grow up hearing his voice every Saturday morning, singing the theme song of your favorite cartoons? Sound off in the comments below, on our forum or on social media @ESCUnited.

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