Positive credit history - how to build it?

How to build positive creditworthiness? This question often arises when you intend to apply for a loan or a loan. The better your credit history, the better your chance of getting a satisfactory amount and good loan terms.

How can you make your story positive? How to build it? In the article below, we will give you practical advice and dispel all your doubts.

What types of credit history do we distinguish?

Let's start with this - we distinguish 3 types of credit history: good, bad and no credit history.

  • You will have a good credit history when you pay your liabilities on time and are not behind with payments.

  • Bad - when you do the opposite - you will have some debts, late payments and lack of regular repayments.

  • Lack of credit history, however, means that you have never taken anything in installments, had no overdraft, no credit card and you had no chance to build a good or bad history.

How to build a positive credit history and get a loan on good terms? Here are some practical tips.

Take the equipment in installments

Regular repayment of monthly installments is the first step in building a positive credit history. Remember to
make an informed choice - choose what you really need. Maybe your laptop broke down? Or do you need a new phone? Choose wisely so as not to regret it . Also pay attention to the amount of installments - it is important that you are able to pay them back each month.

The period for which you make the commitment is also important. It is known - the shorter the better, but it is associated with larger installments. Also remember that banks require the installment purchase to be spread over a minimum of 6 months. Currently, many stores and service providers offer 0% installments, which means you will not pay any additional commission or fees! You will pay back exactly what the purchase cost. The choice must be individually tailored to your financial capabilities.

Apply for a small loan

If you have already completed the installment purchase, now it's time for the second step - apply for a small loan and pay it back within the prescribed period. This step will help you show the prospective lender that you are able to pay your liabilities regularly.

Banks and non-banking institutions have favorable offers for people who apply for their first, quick loan in a given company - in such offers, the APRC is 0% . Browse the offers of various companies and choose the one that suits you best. Make sure that the fast online loan you choose is matched to your financial capabilities!

Launch an overdraft on your bank account

Do you know that the overdraft is treated by BIK as a credit obligation? This is another way to prove your credibility as a borrower to banks and loan companies.

Think about a credit card

Nowadays, banks have tons of promotions that encourage customers to apply for a credit card. Having a card is another step in building a positive story. Regular repayments will ensure you positive entries in the Credit Information Bureau.

Give the appropriate consent in BIK

By consenting to the processing of credit information, the bank will see how regularly you have repaid your liabilities. Remember that if you have delays in repayments or arrears, this information will still be processed in BIK for 5 years.

In fact, building a good credit history is a long process that can take several years. However, to get a loan on favorable terms, all you need to do is follow the above instructions, making sure that you pay the installments regularly. First of all, remember not to allow yourself to become indebted, which will negatively affect your history at BIK. Make a record of your liabilities and note the dates on which you paid the installments. This will guarantee the transparency of your financial obligations. You can also set up automatic transfers in internet banking.

Remember, building a positive credit history does not have to be that difficult if you have thought through your decisions. So what, ready to act?

1500 $
min. $ 100 max. $ 25,000
24 months
min. 3 months max. 60 months

Installment from: $ 100 *

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