Online long-term loans - how long can you pay off?

When you need a larger amount, a long-term loan is a good choice. When applying for an installment loan, you can get up to several tens of thousands of dollars. You can use this amount for any purpose, depending on your needs. Do you know for what period you can spread the repayment of such a loan? Where to look for long-term loans? What conditions do you have to meet to get such a loan? Check it out!

Long-term loan
- what conditions do you have to meet to get it?

Need more cash, but your loan application has been rejected? No worries! You can apply for a long-term non-bank loan online ! Check what conditions you have to meet to get it!

  • Fixed income - if you are applying for a loan with a high amount and a long loan period, you must have a fixed income and appropriate documentation to prove it. When applying, the loan company may ask you for a contract you are working under or an account statement. If you do not meet this criterion, you can look for a loan with a guarantor. Then your contract will not be taken into account, but the guarantor.

  • Positive credit history - by deciding a high loan amount and a long repayment period, you cannot have arrears in BIK (Credit Information Bureau) . In the eyes of the lender, you must be reliable. Only in exceptional cases is the loan company able to grant an installment loan to indebted people: if you have a guarantor (then his credit history will count) or a loan security (e.g. real estate).
  • Bank account - to confirm your identity, the loan company may ask you to make a verification transfer . Thanks to this, it will check not only your data, but also obtain information about your solvency (account balance).

How much can you get and for how long by applying for an installment loan?

Each company defines individual conditions that it can offer its clients. When applying for a long-term loan, you can apply for an amount from several to even several dozen thousand dollars. If you want a smaller amount, but with a longer repayment period, you will certainly find a company that offers loans from $ 2 or 3,000 for a period of one or two years. On the other hand, if you are preparing a larger expense, e.g. a major renovation, wedding or expensive trip, you can apply for up to several dozen thousand dollars. Such amounts range from 10 to even 60 thousand dollars! You will be able to spread this sum up to 120 months, i.e. 10 years. It's really a lot!

Is it worth applying for a long-term loan?

If you are reading this article, you may not have been able to get a loan from your bank. An online loan is often the only solution for people who do not have high creditworthiness. Non-bank companies meet such people by offering loans for high amounts and long loan periods. By applying for a long-term loan, you will be able to achieve the goal for which you need money, and spread installments over a convenient period. The long loan period will allow you to sleep well: installments will be adjusted to your financial capabilities.

However, remember to carefully read the terms of the loan agreement before you decide to sign it! Apply for a loan that you can afford. Accurately calculate your financial possibilities. Thanks to this, you will pay off the loan on time and you will not fall into debt. Good luck!

1500 $
min. $ 100 max. $ 25,000
24 months
min. 3 months max. 60 months

Installment from: $ 100 *

APRC from 0.00 % *