How to apply for a loan on the website? Check the step by step instructions!

Are you looking for the best loan online? It's great - at you can count on the offer to be tailored to your needs and financial capabilities. How it's working? How to submit a loan application without analyzing the fees and products of individual loan companies? Check the step by step instructions!

Choosing the right loan offer is not the easiest one. There are many loan companies on the market that offer quick cash via the Internet. By submitting an application at, you can count on the cheapest loan. All you need to do is complete the loan application, in which you must provide the basic information necessary to receive the funds, and our system will analyze the form and choose a loan tailored to your needs and financial possibilities. Check how to correctly submit a loan application to!

How to submit a loan application to

Submitting the application on the website will take you only a few minutes. You can replenish it at any time from anywhere in the world - all you need is Internet access. Have your e-mail address, telephone number, bank account number and ID card ready. Then go through all the steps below.

  1. Choose the amount you are interested in and the loan repayment period

    By moving the sliders, select the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period, i.e. the number of monthly installments in which you want to pay back the loan.

    Then click the TAKE LOAN button

  2. Complete the data in the application: basic data

    Enter your name, surname, active telephone number and e-mail address (so that the lender can contact you) and PESEL number.

    Important! Do not forget to mark the marketing consents that are necessary in order to receive a loan offer online.

  3. Fill in the data in the application: personal data

    Enter the number and series of your ID card, the date of issue of the document and the validity date of the ID card (all this information can be found on your ID card).

    Complete the information about your marital status (unmarried / bachelor, married / married, married / married with a resolution, divorced / divorced, separated, widow / widower, informal relationship or other) and education (primary / vocational / secondary / bachelor / master / MBA).

    Enter your mother's maiden name and select your gender from the list.

    Click the NEXT button

  4. Complete the data in the application: address details

    The next step is to enter your address details. You will be asked to fill in the address: street, house and apartment number, zip code and city where you live. If the mailing address is the same, check the appropriate box.

    Also select the type of property in which you live (flat / house / segment / semi-detached / other), property status (ownership / rented / parents' apartment / council / cooperative / other), enter the number of household members and the date from which you live in the property.

    Click the NEXT button

  5. Complete the data in the application: financial data

    We need you to enter your account number and the bank where you set up this account. Enter who is the owner of the account, enter the account type (personal / joint / business), the purpose of the loan and the BIK status, i.e. the number of currently repaid liabilities or debts - it is important that we can adjust the product to your creditworthiness.

    Click the NEXT button

  6. Complete the data in the application: employment data

    Select your main source of income from the list and complete the information about your job. Let us know what position you hold, in which industry you work, provide company details (address, tax identification number and REGON number), type of company (private / state) and telephone number to the employer.

    Click the NEXT button

  7. Complete the data in the application: income and expenses

    Almost over! Lenders also require information about the income and expenses they receive. So, complete the amount of the current net income, the date of payment of the salary (to determine the payment of the installment at a convenient time) and select from the list the number of people who are dependent on you.

    Let me know if you have any credit obligations and if you have a credit card.

    Choose how you want to receive funds from the loan - to the personal account whose number you provided in the application or by means of a GIRO check, which you can pick up at the American Post Office.

    Click the NEXT button

  8. You will receive offers for loan offers

    Select the required consents and click TAKE A LOAN.

    You will receive information about which lender has decided to grant you financing :)

    A representative of a given loan company will contact you by phone or e-mail in order to provide the loan agreement and provide details of the offer.

    Finished! The funds will either be in your account or will be withdrawn using a GIRO check.

1500 $
min. $ 100 max. $ 25,000
24 months
min. 3 months max. 60 months

Installment from: $ 100 *

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