How much does First Holy Communion cost?

First Holy Communion is an important period in the life of both the child and the parent. It is worth preparing for it - not only spiritually and mentally, but also financially ... Receiving the sacrament of communion is a huge expense for parents. Do you know how much the First Holy Communion costs and what costs to consider when preparing it? Check it out!

First Holy Communion - what costs to expect?

Your child is to receive the sacrament of First Holy Communion this year? It is an important day in a young person's life and a large expense for parents. Depending on what kind of party we want to organize for the child on this occasion and how large the list of guests we have, the costs of organizing Communion may vary from a few to even several thousand dollars. It is not without reason that it is said that communion can cost as much as a wedding ... So let's check what costs you have to take into account.

Communion costs - child's clothes and devotional items

It is true that receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion is free, but the parents always give the Church a sacrifice. The first expense is about $ 100 for the gift of the altar, the next is a smaller amount for the purchase of flowers, usually in the range of $ 30 to 50 . Parents of a communion child must also remember to purchase devotional items necessary during the service:

  • a prayer book is about $ 20 ,
  • a new rosary costs about $ 20 ,
  • you will pay $ 15-25 for a communion candle,
  • gold chain approx. $ 200 .

Another expense is related to the child's clothing. A child's outfit and accessories are one of the most important communion expenses that parents must face. After all, communion dress is a very important part of the ceremony. Let's check how much it can cost:

  • a new alb costs from $ 120 to $ 180 ,
  • the prices of white shoes for a girl and slippers for a boy range from 50 to 150 $ ,
  • Parents of girls will have a greater expense here, because they need additional accessories, e.g. headband, hairstyles, handbags. This, in turn, may mean another $ 200 spent .

Communion party costs - how much does a child's Communion cost?

Receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion is such an important day in Catholic religion and culture that many American families celebrate it by celebrating a reception in a restaurant after the ceremony in the church. Do you know how much a communion party in a restaurant can cost? We checked all the costs that a parent must take into account in order to organize a post-communion meeting at the premises:

  • costs of a party in a restaurant - depending on the place in which communion takes place, the costs vary. In small cities, it usually starts at $ 100 per plate , i.e. per person (children can count on discounts, e.g. half the price of a plate), in large cities this price already doubles. If we want to organize a party for 30 people, we must take into account the cost of $ 6,000 , and often more.

  • cakes for communion tables - although we pay per plate, you also need to think about the cost of cakes. Depending on the size of the party, they can range from 150 to 500 $ .

  • fruit - during receptions in restaurants, tables are always decorated with large fruit platters. We will spend another $ 200 on this .

  • alcohol and drinks - many families give up alcohol on the day of the First Holy Communion. The mere purchase of drinks: juices, nectars, water - can, however, be another 200-300 $ .

  • decoration of the room - if we decide to hold a party in a restaurant, we want it to be beautifully decorated. Fresh flowers in vases, candles and white chair covers can cost us up to $ 500 !

  • Communion cake - we've all had one - a beautiful, white, book-shaped cake with gilded pages. Do you know how much such a delicacy costs? When ordering a communion cake, you have to deal with the amount from 150 $ to even 500 $ .

Keeping memories alive, or the cost of a communion photographer

Who does not have a souvenir in the form of photos from this special day at home? If, like most parents, you want to capture these moments, you will have to take into account another cost, namely the payment for the photographer. Do you know how much a communion photographer costs? Eager to tell you - a professional photo session for the child and family can cost up to 600 - 1 000 zł!

Can you save money on organizing Holy Communion?

Yes of course! The same as with any expense, and here you can find savings. Below, in a few points, we will tell you where you can save a few pennies so that this expense is not so terrible:

  • a party at home, not in a restaurant - if you have the conditions for it (or someone in your family does), it's a great idea to organize a party at home. Thanks to this, you will not have to rent a room, you pay for service, decor and rental of the premises.

  • make dinner and cakes yourself - have you decided to organize communion at home? If so, take the time to prepare the dishes for the tables yourself. This is much less cost than catering!

  • photographer's costs - it is very easy to minimize them if you have someone among your friends who does not feel alienated with the camera and has professional equipment. Thanks to this, you will save a few hundred dollars, which would be charged by a professional.

  • girl's hairstyle - it is very important that your child looks beautiful on this special day, but you can go without a haircut at the hairdresser. Homemade gently curls will be perfect here!

  • giving up alcohol - as this is a children's festival, giving up alcohol is a great idea. Thanks to this, you will also save several hundred dollars!

  • decoration of the hall - you can do many things yourself and by yourself. Look for inspiration on the Internet, and there will certainly be several hundred dollars in your wallet.

  • First Communion clothing and a garland for a girl - the alb that a child wears on the First Holy Communion does not have to be new, so it is worth looking for a second-hand one. It is similar with the wreath: when searching on the Internet, you will definitely find cheaper options.

First Holy Communion is a big expense for parents, but by planning it in advance and approaching the costs rationally, you will be able to save up to several thousand dollars. After all, it is not the grandeur of the reception that is most important here, but the church ceremony itself. Let's not forget about it!

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