Payroll deductible loans

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Military payroll deductible loans

Military payroll deductible loans

Paycheck credit for military? Are you looking for “payroll credit for military” to pay bills, expenses or high interest debt from other financial transactions or credit card bills? Do you want to simplify all your debts by borrowing money from the military and turning them all into one, monthly payment?

If you are serving the Brazilian Army, the Navy or the Brazilian Air Force (Aeronautics), you are on active duty, are retired military personnel or retired military personnel, you may qualify to contract the loan. If you fit into these profiles what are you waiting for to apply for a military paycheck credit?

In Brazil there are dozens of banking and financial institutions that specialize in helping the thousands of military, their families and pensioners, the granting of military payroll loans is done fast, easy and approved through a bill. If you need to lower your debts for payments, service your car, buy gifts for your family, and dozens of other reasons, “payroll deductible credit” can help.

Check out three institutions that offer the modality:

WAQ Bank

Practical and quick credit and no bureaucracy at all, this is the WAQ consigned credit for Armed Forces Military. The most uncomplicated way to carry out a loan, money to put the bills up and ensure the peace and comfort you need.

Lennium Bank

Assigned credit for military or naval personnel, Bank Lennium offers various loan plans with the best market conditions, credit is used to study, travel, buy a new car, invest in its security and even take out more expensive debts. The concession is made with agility, with security and without bureaucracy, the parcels are discounted in the payroll for convenience.

Bandeas Duan

For Army, Navy and Air Force personnel, it has the facility to carry out a payroll deductible loan for military personnel at Bandeas Duan. The discount of the installments is direct in the payroll and can be paid in up to 60 months for military of the Aeronautics and the Army and in up to 48 months for military of the Navy.

There are cooperatives, credit unions, banks and financiers that offer payroll loans to the military. In searches made on the internet, you will find many correspondents who grant loans to military personnel, but most of them are representatives of the three related institutions.